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Greetings, My name is Jae Ho, Choi, CEO of B.O.B. Textile.


Throughout the years, we have assiduously researched and developed fabrics. We have always pondered upon how we can serve our customers. During this ceaseless forty-year journey, we have been able to discover new, insightful ideas each and every day. We would not be the respected company we are today without the heartfelt love and support from our loyal customers. We would like to promise the following with all our sincerity.

We will strive to satisfy the aesthetic needs of each and every client we work with. At the same time, we will respond promptly and accurately to rapidly changing market situations by ensuring a steady supply of high-quality fabrics. Moreover, we will always test our audacity and pursue innovation in management and production.

We hope you will continue to show your unwavering support on our ongoing journey to the international scene.  


Thank you.

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