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September 1980                         Founded Jeil textile, Co.

April 1995                                    Changed company name to BOB TEXTILE CO., LTD.

November 1998                          Became a member of KITA (Korea International Trade Association)

                                                      & KTTA (Korea Textile Trade Association) (no. 11572998)

April 2000                                    Registered trademark B.O.B. TEXTILE (No. 0468083)

November 2005 ~                       Have hosted presentation for new trends & fabric conventions

                                                      6 times a year. (Shenzhen / Shanghai / Beijing, China)

April 2000                                    Registered trademark BOB (No. 468083)

May 2009                                     Certified as Innovation Management Company (No. 090103-01521)

July 2009                                     Founded U.S.A branch office

January 2010 ~  2014                Have participated TEXWORLD USA (New York,USA) twice a year

December 2010                          Certified as company with Information Management System


April 2011                                    Selected as IT based Innovation Company by Innobiz Association

January 2012                              Established ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Management


March 2013                                 Received Best Taxpayer Award

November 2013                          Established Mobile ERP Management System

September 2015~                       First ever Korean exhibitor of TAILORING section at PREMIERE VISION
                                                      PARIS & NEW YORK
July 2016 ~                                  The only Korean Exhibitor at BLOSSOM PREMIERE VISION in Paris
January 2017                              Won Approved Exporter status eligible for self-issuance of C/Os


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